If you happen to visit Symi island (north of Rhodes), you cannot miss out on this place! The best restaurant dinner we have had in the four and a half months we've been out on the sea...

Might just be the best food in Greece - made by Calliarios Pantelis!

Pantelis is located on the south pier of Symi town, at the very eastern end. Menu is a mix of modern Greek and Italian, with a taste of ethnic to it. Lamb with bulgur, mixed seafood risotto and octopus pasta were to die for!

Go and have a look in the kitchen where chef Calliaros Pantelis makes his magic. He might just have a daily specialty to recommend. When we were there, we got to taste the baby pork he was preparing for a party...

Special thanks for our guests of last week for this lovely dinner! If it wasn't for the tricky Greek winds, we would definitely have returned for another tasting! Oh well, next time!

Last updated 7 October, 2013